What's Next? The Art of Prioritizing
If you have a product, then you have a backlog. Live backlog is a living product. Backlog is the favorite Tamagotchi of a product manager. Day after day, he feeds him with new ideas, makes weekly grooming, relieving him of parasites and reviewing for compliance with the current development strategy. And the backlog is growing. Ideas from your customers, new data-driven hypotheses, technical debts, bugs, stakeholders wants, competitor analysis. Unfortunately, the development team is not growing. And to do everything, that now is in backlog, for the nearest sprint it will not turn out.
Therefore, you have to choose the most important thing and do it first.
In the speech, Alexander will talk about the most popular prioritization techniques that he himself used to work on his products.

Alexander Sergeev
CEO & Founder at, CTO & Co-Founder at Meetville

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