TOP-10 Growth Hacks for Multiple Growth of the Product and Service Business
Growth Hack - "hacking of growth", an effective technique that gives an impressive result due to the non-standard approach. Growth-hackers work in the world's largest companies and start-ups. Every day they put dozens of experiments to find exactly the techniques that will give business not just grow up, but literally fly up. Specially for visitors to IT BDSMinsk, the founder of GrowthHackingIdea (a community of 27,000 Grouse hackers) will share 10 new powerful techniques that helped companies in a short time with minimal efforts to increase their income level, the number of leads and LTV at times. All growth-hacks, which the speaker will share, are fresh, and have not yet been ridden by marketers from Eastern Europe.

Aladdin Happy
Co-Founder at Growthhackingidea

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